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Published: Approaches to the Visual in Religion

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The aim of this project was to discuss different methodological approaches to visual media. One of the main tasks of the seminar was the critical characterisation of the different approaches to images, considering their focuses and limits. Being an interdisciplinary exchange, the concern is to find coherence within the project, while leaving space to different accents. Each participant works on different kinds and genres of images and visual media, with different material and narrative aspects: the visual media range from an ancient bas-relief found at the Bēl temple in Palmyra to a contemporary American Jewish pushke but also from work of arts by William Blake, Rembrandt and William Turner to popular media like films, votive-paintings and caricatures. Despite this variety of visual media, some common aspects connecting the different methodological approaches could be clearly defined: a) Subjectivity in Seeing and b) Contextualization

The results of this seminar have been published in the volume Approaches to the Visual in Religion.

Take a look and download the TOC and Preface.